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Founded by clinical research pioneers, Dr. Sergei Varshavsky and  Dr. Efim Kelman, Confidence Pharmaceutical Research is a private Contract Research Organization based on a multifaceted innovative approach to clinical trial management. We employ novel techniques and a lean business model to set new standards for clinical trials.

Confidence is managed by professionals with rich and extensive experience in clinical trials, including a history of work under governmental grants, studies led by academic research organizations, and trials sponsored by small and mid-sized biotech and large pharmaceutical companies.  

To ensure a high level of consistency and quality, Confidence has developed and keeps up-to-date comprehensive set of standard operating procedures (SOPs), forms, templates, and other documentation (Confidence Quality Management Documentation – CQMD) which guarantees that all our operations adhere to the same high-quality standards. 

Confidence executives are medical doctors and trialists well-respected in the medical and clinical research community. Our peer-to-peer relations with leading clinical investigators in all areas of medicine help us develop a wide-ranging network of the leading medical institutions, securing fast, reliable patient enrollment. 

Confidence strongly believes that finding right research sites and investigators is key to successful study. Confidence feasibility team uses unique proprietary tools, systems and processes to define an ideal study site and proposes optimal mix of study sites for the study in any therapeutic area, equally for rare disease and large-scale global outcome studies.