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Clinical Monitoring

At Confidence, we recognize that continuity is essential in clinical trials, and we appreciate the significance of having experienced Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) who remain engaged throughout the study.

CRA turnover is the highest among all CRO staff in the industry. We have a low to nonexistent staff turnover rate and collaborate solely with seasoned CRAs with whom we maintain exceptional, transparent relationships. It is these trusted relationships, along with our first-rate selection of sites and Principal Investigators, that contribute to the success of your trial.

These visits can be conducted either on-site or remotely, in compliance with Confidence’s standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are designed to meet all international and local requirements. All visits are carried out in accordance with the Sponsor-approved Clinical Monitoring Plan, with scheduling and reporting taking place through the Confidence Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), which is accessible to the Sponsor. The CTMS also tracks the Issues Log, Action Items, and Protocol Deviation Log, providing the Sponsor with full transparency at any time.

Confidence offers a comprehensive range of Site Monitoring services, which include: