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Navigating Regulatory Changes in Clinical Trials: Key Considerations for Success

In the dynamic landscape of clinical research, staying ahead of regulatory changes is pivotal for shaping the trajectory of clinical trials. Regulatory updates are not just about compliance; they’re a cornerstone for ensuring the success and integrity of clinical trials. In this blog, we’ll delve into the latest regulatory shifts impacting clinical trials, offering insights […]

The Rise of Decentralized Clinical Trials: Transforming the Future of Clinical Research

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs) have been gaining significant attention and traction in the global Contract Research Organization (CRO) space. DCTs, also known as virtual or remote clinical trials, leverage both digital technologies and at home visits to enable patient participation from the comfort of their homes or local healthcare facilities. These trials aim to enhance […]

Your Post-Webinar Summary: “Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments”

Flex Databases and Confidence Pharmaceutical Research recently hosted a highly informative webinar titled “Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments.” The webinar, held on June 1st, shed light on the crucial role of site payments in clinical trials and showcased Confidence Pharmaceutical Research’s streamlined approach to site payment processes.  Here’s a brief summary of […]

“Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments” – Join Our Webinar!

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming joint webinar, “Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments,” presented by Flex Databases and Confidence Pharmaceutical Research.  On June 1st at 12:00 EST/18:00 CET, this live discussion will delve into the significance of site payments in study management and highlight the streamlined site payment process at Confidence […]

How to Navigate Country-Specific Regulations in Global Clinical Trials

Are you aware of the worldwide differences in regulations for global clinical trials? Among other factors affecting global clinical trials, country-specific regulations differ in their rules and standards for: Gathering and protecting data Importing and exporting clinical supplies Handling validation issues Protecting human subjects Exercising quality control Gathering and Protecting Data: Global clinical trials are […]