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Flex Databases and Confidence Pharmaceutical Research recently hosted a highly informative webinar titled “Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments.” The webinar, held on June 1st, shed light on the crucial role of site payments in clinical trials and showcased Confidence Pharmaceutical Research’s streamlined approach to site payment processes. 

Here’s a brief summary of the key points discussed during the event.

Understanding the Importance of Site Payments in Clinical Trials:

The webinar commenced by emphasizing the significance of timely and accurate site payments in study management and participant recruitment. Attendees gained valuable insights into how efficient site payments can positively impact the overall success of clinical trials.

Discovering the Efficient Site Payment Process at Confidence Pharmaceutical Research:

Confidence Pharmaceutical Research shared their approach to automating site payments, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring compliance. Attendees learned about their comprehensive set of standard operating procedures, forms, templates, and documentation, which contribute to maintaining a high level of consistency and quality in the trials they manage.

Real-Life Case Studies: Transforming Site Payment Speed and Accuracy:

Attendees were captivated by a case study that showcased how a leading pharmaceutical company achieved an eightfold acceleration in site payments through the implementation of automated site payment services through Confidence.

Contact: For those who missed the live webinar, please visit: Speeding Up Patient Recruitment with Automated Site Payments 

Stay tuned for future events and updates from Flex Databases and Confidence Pharmaceutical Research as they continue to drive innovation in the field of clinical research. To learn more about Confidence Pharmaceutical Research, please visit, email us at [email protected], or give us a call at +1 (650) 407-1986.