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Translation and Validation

At Confidence, we offer translation, cultural adaptation, and validation services that incorporate comprehensive procedures and built-in quality checks.

Our approach ensures that language barriers do not impede participation in clinical studies, while also promoting cultural sensitivity and inclusivity.

Conducting studies across multiple countries and languages is becoming increasingly common, but effective translation remains a complex process. Ensuring equality and diversity in clinical studies is critical, as it is unjustifiable to turn away patients who meet the criteria for a trial simply because of language barriers. However, countries such as India, Switzerland, and Latvia present unique challenges due to numerous languages and dialects.

Translating patient questionnaires and administration materials is just the beginning, as these materials must be transcreated to accommodate local cultural nuances and jurisdictional requirements. Moreover, while evaluating patients, collecting outcome metrics, and gathering quality of life data, it is crucial to remain mindful of local norms and customs.